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Terms of Service

Statement of rights and responsibilities is deduced from the various principles that guide the operations of social media such as Facebook. Just like Facebook and other social media, minphuin operates in the same way but is meant for the people of Zotung.
Minphuin users are required to provide their first names and their last names. All other applications that will require the users detail information such as email address and date of birth is rejected by the application for account security purposes. Users are required to provide the following information when opening an account in order for us to maintain the account and provide security: User will not provide false personal details when opening their account or create an account for any other person without permission from the person, they will only create one account and anyone found owning more than one shall be dealt with by the law, users must be over 13 years in order to use the application, all users should be required to be people of integrity, explicit sex content such as pornography materials will not be allowed and finally users will be required to keep the secrecy of their passwords so as not to let anyone access their personal accounts compromising the security of their account. In addition to that, all claims and complaints that may arise in relation to the user actions, information or content on the application. Minphuin team will not be liable for such claims, but the user will indemnify and hold us harmless against expenses, losses and damages caused as a result of that, including any legal costs and fees imposed relating to such claims. If a user violates any of the written policies or creates a possible legal exposure for the minphuin owners, the account will be terminated without any notification or warning whatsoever immediately when the team finds that out. Our team respects the rights of other people and expects all its users likewise to follow suit in the following ways: all users shall not take any action or post a content that may compromise or violate rights of other people or the law, those users who will be notoriously infringe the rights of other users will have their accounts disabled or terminated, and lastly users shall not post sensitive documents or information on minphuin application such as pay slips etc. that belongs to someone else.